Diane Bielak
Diane Bielak

About The Artist

I am self-taught and have been quilting for 30 years.


I originally worked in traditional designs and techniques, including hand quilting.  When I moved to Pennsylvania in 1996, I established my quilting business, Great Quilts, and with the help of a special group of local quilters I began making traditional quilts.  After 7 years I began experimenting with a more contemporary approach with original designs, hand painted fabrics, machine quilting and embellishments.  I was very fortunate to come in contact with Barbara Persing, a machine quilter in the area who was establishing her business.  Barbara has quilted for me since then.  We have shared ideas and inspired each other.


I’ve shown my work in both national and international shows and have won several award.  A sample listing of these shows includes:
    New Art From an American Tradition, Jamestown, VA (Curator)
    Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival - Multiple Shows and Awards
    Monterey Peninsula College, California (2-person show)
    Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY
    SAQA Exhibitions - Multiple Shows
    Pacific International Quilts Festival, Santa Clara, CA - Multiple Shows
    Sedgewick Gallery
    Tokyo International Show
    Amsterdam Quilt Show
    Sentara Hospital, Williamsburg, VA (solo show)
    Beneath the Surface, Davidsonville Community College, NC
    Blue Skies Art Gallery, Hampton, VA (solo show)


Today my main focus is on creating custom art quilts.  They are finding homes in both traditional and contemporary settings, businesses and homes.  I work with interior designers and private clients on custom projects.  My most recent interest is offering giclee prints of my work.  This adds flexibility to how the quilts can be used and the option to print in a range of sizes.


My work often reflects nature.  The designs can be embellished with ribbons, sheer fabrics, foiling, beads, papers, ceramic pieces and natural materials to achieve depth and create interest.  The designs are often inspired by my hand painted fabrics and I will develop new techniques as the work requires - although traditional design elements can be found in many pieces.  Color has always been an important part of my work and the hand painted and overpainted fabrics offer a lot of opportunity to feature that.  The size of my work varies greatly, from 12”x12” to 6’x8’.  The smaller pieces are often framed.


My formal education includes a masters degree in Organizational Management and a minor undergraduate in Art.  My previous work life was spent in administrative positions, including senior level.

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